Tuesday, July 10, 2012

...and YET another new beginning...

Here we are again.  We just keep coming back.  And rather than rip off this festered, pestilent, gangrenous bandage, we try and make it work one more time.

I enjoyed the challenge of trying to keep a semi-regular stream of new fiction in the blog format.  It made for an easy to meet regular deadline, and always insured that I was working on something new.  Unfortunately, while the internet likes things short, it seems like it gets a little too serialized when you're only posting a page or two at a time.  Add any time off from that because of holidays or a busy schedule, and no one can follow whatever blather you were posting as a storyline.

As promised, I've removed all the fiction from the blog.  If you enjoyed reading my literary creations, I've got a new page up over at Jottify (Click it all up).  Being able to post whole works, both long and short, helps insure a better continuity in the reading experience...though admittedly, I did start a new novel-length experiment that's currently languishing without update for at least a month.

What do I plan to put into this space?  Well, my first blog, The B-List Super Hero Roll Call began as something of a review and rant site, but has since become a place for me to post my art endeavors.  So I thought that maybe I would bring some of that back over here.  True, the internet is perhaps overrun with "reviews" of things...but maybe I really have something to say.  Guess, we'll find out.

I hope to have the first new stab at this up this week, so tune back in, and let's see where the new ride takes us.  Could be Cleaveland...or it could be Paradise.

Here's some 80's schlock with Kevin Bacon to illustrate my point:

Hope to see you soon.

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